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3/2015 pp. 18-24

Inicjatywy społeczne jako wyznaczniki nowych tendencji w kształtowaniu pro ekologicznych przestrzeni w miastach

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Social initiatives taking place in the public space are an increasingly frequent phenomenon in the Polish cities. This article aims to identify the trends of bottom-up action for the landscape. It attempts to demonstrate the importance and potential in the observation of social activities for the purpose of making changes in the landscape. Natural environment, vegetation and diverse public space give possibility of relaxation in the city and are guarantors of the quality of the urban space. Degradation of the urban space requires corrective actions, which are often organized by non governmental activists. These initiatives point to the current problems of local communities which, through their actions, try to make changes in their nearest surrounding. Initiatives described in the article are divided into educational and cultural activities taking place in the public spaces, including green areas, which are often the "scene" of social activities. City dwellers through their actions illustrate, that there are no doubts about the positive impact of green areas on their quality of life.

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city space degradation, social initiatives for landscaping, map of social initiatives for landscaping


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